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New novel coming October 23, 2018

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About Dick

Dick Wybrow's stuff has been heard on the radio, seen on the television, and illegally downloaded off the Internet.

Currently pitching a new novel (see below), Dick is seeking literary representation that fits.



In his spare time, Dick likes to write autobiographies in the third person.


About Hell, Inc.

After years of being a screw up, Raz Frewer lucks out and finds the perfect girl. However, the perfect girl is now sick, terminal, and the doctors say there’s nothing left to do. They tell Raz to make arrangements and say his final goodbyes.

But, instead, this guy who made it through most of his life by doing the wrong thing, decides to go really wrong to save her. 

Raz makes a deal with the Devil: he’s got four days to collect pieces of an ancient lamp, which once assembled can cure her. Naturally, for his part, the Devil isn’t simply in want of a new light fixture for the den. He plans to use the all-powerful lamp to finally rule over Earth. 

However, the Devil has competition: an underworld start-up called Hell, Inc. wants to steal the lamp and take over the world itself, sending legions of baddies to stop Raz and his friends— including a horde of silent-but-deadly demon mimes!

HELL, INC. is an adventure novel that's funny, running about 120,000 words.



My previous novel was published under the pen name Pat Connid (an anagram for "Don't Panic") because at the time I worked for a big media company that was looking for reasons to fire people. 


This would have been one of those reasons.