Giving it Voice

I’ve now had a bunch of people ask if I'll have an audiobook version is HELL, INC.

So, I'm going to do that. In the one-man band spirit of the novel (with amazing support, mind you), yours truly will be the voice.

A dozen years in Radio may pay off all these years later.


Here's the thing. Given my career past, I am capable of full-on voice changes. I could voice an entire cartoon, a dozen different characters, if push came to shove. Which, actually, in your standard half-hour animation, it rarely does. Probably.

Anyways, it seems like that's not what's expected in book narration.

Instead... slight, somewhat subtle changes to voice.

If you've got a favorite book narrator or thoughts, please shoot me a message.

Over the next few weeks, I'll drop some examples of chapter reads here and on the FB page. Your feedback will be so important and much appreciated.

Until then, love to hear your thoughts.