Where Does This Writing Stuff Go? Same as Good Omens? Bird Box? Craven Manor?

(Robert Stack voice) UPDATE!


I'm cleaning up The Swordsmen (FSGM) a little because the interest from Hell inc. has spurred, naturally, some folks to pick it up to read more of the same sort of weirdness.

The paperback version of The Swordsmen (FSGM) will be out today.

Also, my "first" published novel The Mentor will get a tune-up in the coming weeks. It doesn't exist in the Adventure-Paranormal world the other do, but it's a fun ride. I love the characters Dex and Pavan. Check it out. It's only a buck.

Hmm. Funny thought there.

As I tried to identify the worlds where Hell inc. and The Swordsmen (FSGM) exist as I wrote that above, you can see where the... challenge lies at the moment. And has for quite some time.

For years, hand on heart, I've had agents say a version of this: "Wow, I love this book! Dick, I really do! But, I have no idea where to sell it. Sorry."

The problem is that my stuff isn't Young Adult (In fact, the biggest industry "player" to ever love these stories reps a YA series that you've either read or seen its film adaptions because... everyone has).

This world I write in is not Urban Fantasy. Or even Fantasy.

Not Horror. Not Science Fiction.

Not really Humor or Thriller.

Basically, this is a universe where all is pretty much as expected. The world we all know and live in. But there's a thick vein of "Batshit crazy"-- zombies, demons, ghosts (this latter from an upcoming novel, now in the works).

That said, years back, I GOT a Hollywood agent when I did an Eddie Izzard and pulled off the dress and put on a pair of pants.

I wrote a straight, boilerplate thriller story called Threshold, finishing two books of trilogy. Even got optioned by the guys who now produce The Walking Dead. But, that big shot agent botched it.


My only salvation at the time were the comforting words of someone I hold as a dear friend. Brad Meltzer. I may have driven off a bridge had it not been for him. If he’d been in Hell inc., he’d been known as the “most goodest”. I am eternally grateful for you, brother.

SO, right now, the challenge that the millionaire agents and billionaire publishers did not want to take on-- "where do I sell this?"-- I've taken on myself.

I'm currently exclusively on Amazon but that will change later this year. Still, I'm struggling with how to categorize these books. That said, the world I write in isn't entirely unique-- there's stuff like John Dies at the End, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and the amazing Good Omens. Bird Box. Even Craven Manor.

I've got some amazingly brilliant people on board— engineers, marketers, PR pros, creatives and, most importantly, you Readers. If any of you have a suggestion on what… this world is, I'd love to hear it.

Post below or feel free to send me a DM.

Until then, I will continue to delight in writing the escapist fiction you've come to enjoy.

Love you bunches,