Advance Readers for The InBetween

Thanks to my partners in crime, The InBetween is shaping up nicely.

The editors have now returned my draft, which I’ve gone through with a fine-toothed comb. Much of the story is set in Minneapolis and, serendipitously, the woman who was tasked with correcting my egregious grammatical errors lives in the Twin Cities!


Also, my Beta Readers have been brilliant so far.

They’ve given me great input on where bits may or may not have worked for them. It’s not the job of a Beta to fix problems or holes, just to give impressions.

As a writer, you just need that person’s feeling about the story and, if you find you’ve got a running theme, then you may have to make some changes.

Things like “to me, it wasn’t clear why the character would do this thing”, “I got a bit mixed up when we were moving from here to there”., or “I really loved X, I was hoping to hear more from them.” Even a very small inconsistency can pull a Reader out of a story, and I don’t want that.

Next week, I’m sending out ARCs— Advance Review Copies.

As one site put it: “ARCs prime reviewers and influencers to post reviews the minute the book comes out, whether on Amazon, on Goodreads, on their bookblogs or other publications .”

I’ve had some requests for these, but I can’t lose control of how many unpublished copies get out there. However, if you are a reviewer, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll see if something can be arranged.

And as always, we appreciate your support.