The Beginning: Secrets about the Book You're Reading

Morena y’all,

I’ve just started a fun series of posts that will give you an insight into the writing process. This won’t simply be informative to you about how I create these stories. These are peeks into the process for all (okay, most) authors.

The first has just been posted on Stacey’s site Whispering Stories. She’s great— if you haven’t yet, bookmark the site and check in now and again.

Currently, she’s got Secret #17, which talks about how authors name their characters. Check it out here.

You’ll see the rest over the next year. I’ll post a few here on the DW site. And, as always, if you’re on the subscriber list you’ll see these articles before anyone else.

Oh, and before you head over to Whispering Stories, this is the image I refer to. Not sure why they didn’t include it but here you go:


(It’s funnier when you know what I’m talking about, yeah?)

And as always, we thank you for your support.