I Now Know the Storyline for the InBetween's Sequel

This will always be a special moment for me.

It was Saturday morning and when I discovered what Book 2 of the Painter Mann series was about.


I'm writing this series like Painter "lives" it-- wandering through the dark, meeting cool characters until they tell me what's going on.

Now that I “know” what this book is about, the thing is… it may not be what they ultimately want. I don’t know yet. But, for now, this is the path. And, it seems I may now have a title, too. We’ll see.

In previous novels, I’ve always had a pretty good idea about the big “notes” in the story.

Like in Hell inc., I knew I’d be going to Belgium, Japan, Mexico City and then back to the US for the final scenes. I had a pretty solid idea of how it would all end but, even then, the characters changed how the story was told.

In the Painter Mann books, you and I are at their mercy. Whatever they tell me to write. Sure, I got the Big Red Pen, but the story is theirs.

For a writer that can be terrifying. But then when you're given something outta the ether, that gift, it's close to ecstasy. Like dipping your fingertips into the lightening flow of some preternatural force that’s selfishly kept hidden from us.

I suppose that's why we writers do this.

At least is it for me.