Coming July 2019

The InBetween


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Painter Mann is a one-of-a-kind private investigator. He may even be the world's best, but mainly that's because he's dead.

Assisted by his "Temps"— a select few of the very old who are so close to death they can actually hear him— Painter has sworn to help the murder victims stuck in The InBetween by revealing their killers so they can move on.

But, a new mass murder case threatens everything after Painter recognizes the killer's face as the person who murdered him.

Exposing them will free dozens of ghosts but will also clear Painter, leaving no one to help the souls trapped in The InBetween.

Also, he's really into the whole private investigator thing. When alive he was never really good at much. Dead? He's a hell of a PI.

Is Painter willing to risk it all to save those he's sworn to help?

And, get Dick’s just published bestseller

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A desperate man makes a deal with the Devil: to save his dying wife, he must find four pieces of an ancient lamp, scattered around the globe.

But the lamp holds ultimate power!

Will he risk all of humankind by giving it to the Devil just to save her? Yeah. Of course he will.

“One of the best comedic adventure stories I’ve ever read!”- James Jones.





Dick Wybrow is a Canadian author. His novels are mainly set in the United States, where he grew up. A former stand-up comedian, Wybrow is a humor writer who crafts thrillers that incorporate elements of suspense, horror, mystery, science fiction and fantasy.

His stuff has been heard on the radio by millions, seen on the TV in 213 countries, and illegally published on the Internet by countless douchey crooks.

In his spare time, Dick likes to write autobiographies in the third person.