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Kane was a wolf until he was bitten by a man. He's now a six-foot-seven French-Canadian searching for the guy who infected him, so he can return to his pack. 

Born as a creature of the forest, Kane is cunning, strong, and brave. He's also a terrible driver. And reading makes no sense to his wolf brain. So, he's hired a troubled Minneapolis dive bar worker to help him out.

But nothing could have prepared Emelda Throne for what happens when Kane steps into the moonlight. Despite what the legends say, he doesn't become some snarling werewolf. She's only seen him turn into dogs. Usually tiny dogs.


However, this is one change Emelda has never seen, and it's one Kane won't talk about.

It's a race against time after a homicidal paramilitary group learns the value of the infected man's blood and will stop at nothing to find him first.

Can Emelda and Kane's "pack of two" find the secret to reverse Kane's transformation and get him back home?



 Nonstop adventure from top-selling Amazon author Dick Wybrow:  An out-of-work disk jockey makes a wager with the devil. If he succeeds, it will save the love of his life. If he loses?


Well, he better not lose...

A cinematic thriller full of humor, suspense, and adventure that reviewers are calling "Can't put down good" and "one of the best comedic adventures I've ever read!"

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