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Kane is a six-foot-seven French Canadian. But, a year ago, he was a wolf.

He'd been in the woods when a crazed, infected man attacked him. The next day, he transformed into a human.

Now Kane is searching for the Biting Man to get the answers he needs to become a wolf again and return to his pack.

The only one who knows Kane's secret is a troubled young woman named Emelda. She needed out of a terrible situation; Kane needed someone who could drive.

Wolves who become humans are terrible drivers.

He also has a problem with moonlight. It changes Kane, but Emelda has only seen him turn into dogs. Usually, rather tiny ones.

However, there is one transformation she has yet to see.

The wolfwere.

But Kane isn't the only one the man attacked. And while an infected wolf turned human, the people he bit became something else. Something horrible.

Before they can get answers from the Biting Man, Emelda and Kane need to first take down the monsters he created.

Larka Fenrir, Italy

“Kane is one of those rare books that made me want to start reading it all over again before I even put it down."

James King, New York

"Undoubtedly, one of the best books I've read in 2023!"

Jennifer Dockery, WV

“Wow, what a great ride this book is! Kane has it all: edge of your seat action, funny antics, found family and a 6'7" French Canadian who you'll most def fall in love with!”

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Coming September 29, 2023

The search for Cal Davis takes Emelda and Kane deep into the heart of danger.

A place untamed.
And deadly.

They've gone to Canada.

Time is running out for Kane, but their  "pack of two" is not the only one searching for Cal.

In the forest, eyes watch from every shadow.

And as they hunt for answers, Emelda and Kane discover something else is hunting them.



 Nonstop adventure from top-selling Amazon author Dick Wybrow:  An out-of-work disk jockey makes a wager with the devil. If he succeeds, it will save the love of his life. If he loses?


Well, he better not lose...

A cinematic thriller full of humor, suspense, and adventure that reviewers are calling "Can't put down good" and "one of the best comedic adventures I've ever read!"


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