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The Wolfwere Series

(Wolfwere Book 1)

Kane is a six-foot-seven French Canadian. But, a year ago, he was a wolf.

He'd been in the woods when a crazed, infected man attacked him. The next day, he transformed into a human.

Now Kane is searching for the Biting Man to get the answers he needs to become a wolf again and return to his pack.

The only one who knows Kane's secret is a troubled young woman named Emelda. She needed out of a terrible situation; Kane needed someone who could drive.

Wolves who become humans are terrible drivers.

He also has a problem with moonlight. It changes Kane, but Emelda has only seen him turn into dogs. Usually, rather tiny ones.

However, there is one transformation she has yet to see.

The wolfwere.



Coming Sept. 29, 2023!

Kane Unleashed   
(Wolfwere Book 2)

The hunt for answers takes Emelda and Kane deep into the heart of danger.

A place untamed.
And deadly.

They've gone to Canada.

Time is running out for Kane. His human body is rapidly aging, and he must unlock secrets that can transform him back into a wolf before it's too late. Only Cal Davis holds the key.

And their "pack of two" is not the only one searching for Cal.

But they have a lead.

Dr. George Fineman has known Cal since he was a boy and has been quietly helping him survive in the British Columbian forest. If Kane and Emelda can convince Fineman to reveal Cal's hideaway, they will finally get the solution they seek.

However, in the forest, eyes watch from every shadow.

And as they hunt for answers, Kane and Emelda discover something else is hunting them.

The Hell inc Series

Hell inc.
(Hell inc Book 1)

After years of being a screw up, Raz Frewer lucks out and finds the perfect girl. Then, she gets sick, terminal, and the doctors say there’s nothing left to do. Make arrangements. Say goodbye.

But, instead, this guy who made it through most of his life by doing the wrong thing, decides to go really wrong to save her.

Raz makes a deal with the Devil: he’s got four days to collect pieces of an ancient lamp, which can cure her. Naturally, for his part, the Devil isn’t simply in want of a new light fixture for the den.

However, the Devil has competition: an underworld start-up called Hell, Inc. wants to steal the lamp and take over the world itself, sending legions of baddies to stop Raz and his friends…

Hell to Pay
(Hell inc Book 2)


Having joined Raz on a quest to save the man's wife, The Actor saw first hand the power of the Crossroads.

So, in an attempt to save his ruined career, he does the unthinkable: the Actor makes his own deal with the Devil to become the "King of Hollywood."

Of course, he was tricked.

He needs Raz to help steal the contract back. To come up with a plan to do that, they'll need the gang back together. But Anza's now missing, somewhere down in Mexico. And, they've just gotten the news that Uncle Jerry was killed by an angry drug lord.

Their already impossible task has just become harder: the Actor is being hunted by a 19th-century gunslinger named Sally, who is hellbent on putting him down, making him an eternal slave to the Dark Lord.

Let the fun begin!


Hell Raiser July 2022.jpg
Hell Raiser   
(Hell inc Book 3)

How does the love-struck and relentless Rasputin Frewer transform into the world's only dead private investigator, Painter Mann?

All will finally be revealed in Hell Raisers!

Raz and his friends have been drafted once again to help the Old Man take down "the usurpers" Hell inc. As the gang traverses the globe on their new quest, the life of one of them hangs in the balance.

And now with the two factions of Hell on the brink of war, a new threat has emerged.

One that could destroy every living thing on the planet.

The InBetween
(Hell inc Book 4)

​Painter Mann is a one-of-a-kind private investigator. He may even be the world's best, but mainly that's because he's dead.

Assisted by his “Temps”— a select few of the very old who are so close to death they can actually hear him— Painter has sworn to help the murder victims stuck in The InBetween by revealing their killers so they can move on.

But a new mass murder case threatens everything after Painter recognizes the killer's face as the person who murdered him.

Exposing them will free dozens of ghosts but will also clear Painter, leaving no one to help the souls trapped in The InBetween.

Also, he's really into the whole private investigator thing. When alive he was never really good at much. Dead? He's a hell of a PI.

Is Painter willing to risk it all to save those he's sworn to help?

NightVanishing Cover with Underwater filter.jpg
The Night Vanishing
(Hell inc Book 5)

In Book 2 of the series, the world's only dead private investigator, goes to New Orleans hoping to learn the identity of his killer. Instead, he gets wrapped up in a case where he must find and rescue hundreds of missing ghosts.

To do that, he'll have to tangle with two-headed monsters, a psychotic dead DJ, enemies with supernatural powers, and the mysterious Voodoo Cher.

He's also being hunted by the Ghost Wranglers, a popular cable TV show determined to prove the existence of the ghost PI known as Painter Mann.

Past Life   
(Hell inc Book 6)

​Painter may be the world greatest dead private investigator (note: he's the only dead private investigator), but it doesn't mean he's any good at it.

After a series of knocks, he realizes it's time to get smart. At least... smarter.

Since there he's not going to find any PI learning annex in the InBetween, he finds retired Irish detective Ellie Walsh. She's partnered with an Atlanta cop on a new case, a rash of killings... and the perfect opportunity for Painter to finally learn the craft from a pro.

But Painter soon realizes the case they're working on is the same on he is!

And soon he'll discover far more than he bargained for: a key to working out who he was before he died.

This is going to change everything.

Ride the Light cover web.jpg
Ride the Light  
(Hell inc Book 7)

To defeat the creator of the InBetween, Voodoo Cher, Painter must take out the four remaining machines that can power her army of the dead.

His first stop: Scotland.

There, Painter encounters William Hare, the infamous serial killer, who is now helping Voodoo Cher. With the help of long-dead revolutionaries and a crew of ancient sailors, Painter must take down the machine being constructed on the Scottish coastline.

But his greatest ally comes from Raz's past, not Painter's: an elderly pilot named Uncle Jerry.

And the more he learns about his former self, ex-disk jockey Raz Frewer, the more he begins to transform back into he once was. That should be comforting. Self-realization and all of that.

But there was a reason why he'd hidden his identity all this time-- even from himself.

Raz Frewer is being hunted.

the hangman.jpg
The Hangmam
(Hell inc Book 8)

After Painter and Julius took out Voodoo Cher’s world-ending machine in Scotland, an antipodean device has now ramped up. It’s fully functional and threatens every living soul on the planet!

There is one problem. They can’t seem to find it.

And to make matters worse, Hell inc operatives are back in the mix. Helping the agents of Voodoo Cher.

Of course, Painter and Julius no longer fight alone. A good friend of Painter’s former self—Rasputin Frewer—has joined them. An elderly pilot named Uncle Jerry. But Uncle Jerry knows they’re outnumbered and calls in yet another of Raz’s old friends to help.

That said, she’s somewhat downbeat about being down under. The Aussie sun drenches the skin beneath her “britches“ in sweat. Its sand wriggles into cracks and crevices, never to be seen again.

More than anything, she’s not at all happy to be working alongside these three nutbars.

However, her motorcycle is…

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